Mailing Service

Why Would You Use Outside Mailing Services?

Time and Labor - Dramatically reduces costs in management, hourly employees and training.

Inventory Control - Reduces on-hand inventory of window and return envelopes and statement forms. Also, reduces freight, tax and storage costs.

Equipment and Maintenance - Eliminates the need for folding and inserting equipment, postal machines, furniture and maintenance contracts.

Postal Expenses - Employee training, meter rental, yearly sorting permits, travel costs to and from local post office.


Computer interface via modem or diskette
Statement Inserting
Sorting Service - Greater cost savings with presorted mail
Inventory - Control forms and envelopes provided
Postal Requirements - FMG Inc. conforms to all postal rules and regulations

DURATABTM Smart Solutions

With custom index tabs in your folder or binder, you can build your filing system to fit your unique needs. Tab titles, color selection, and style can be adapted to any shelving unit that can fit the budget you have available. Determining the flow of information and how it is to be accessed, tab dividers can be of great benefits.