Custom Index Tabs For the Medical, Financial, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Industries

index tabs for insurance Flexible
With custom index tabs in your folder or binder, you can build your filing system to fit your unique needs. Tab titles, color selection, and style can be adapted to any shelving unit that can fit the budget you have available. Determining the flow of information and how it is to be accessed, tab dividers can be of great benefit.

Once you have determined how often your files are going to be accessed, you can place them according to usage. Setting up your tabs to co-exist with your forms provides a system that everyone can access with understanding. With index tabs, locating information is less of a challenge.

medical index tabs Value Added
The benefit of having a well organized filing system is being able to locate and process the information you need in a timely manner. Building a filing system that includes index tabs allows you to be more specific with details while simplifying the retrieval process.

Cost Efficient
The formula: Time savings + opportunity cost - frustration = the ability to function at a higher level of efficiency. Having your folder or binder divided with index tabs allows you to spend more of your time on other projects rather than searching for client records.

index tabs for financial company

Index Tabs
(side or bottom)
Laminated with your choice of 32 Duratab colors, die cut to any length tab, they can be used to divide information alpha or numeric. Customized to fit your particular application, index tabs are a valuable tool in your filing system.

Tabs As Forms
Tabs can be used as a form and have the desired information printed right on the front and back of the sheet. If you desire to add color to your index tabs, many different ink colors or paper stocks are available.

With a fastener attached to the top or side of the sheet, each section of information is easily accessible without having to pull all of the information out of the folder. In essence, each tab section is self contained and information can be retrieved very quickly. Pharmaceutical tabs

F-2 Adhesive Filebacks
These tabs are very versatile. Having a different tab title printed on the front and back cuts down on the number of dividers that are needed. Each sheet has a fastener on the front and back and the binding edge has an adhesive strip which can adhere to any folder. Depending on your specific need, filing can be much more manageable with this product.

Permanent Retention Tabs
Tabs that are fully laminated or synthetic stocks can be used to create permanent records that will last for the life of a file. Thy can be wiped off with a damp cloth without damaging them and the binding edge is extremely durable.

Fastening Tabs
Tabs can be used with any binder, folder, manual or presentation application. There are many ways to fasten tabs, including hole punching glue and stitching. Depending on your budget and your needs, there are a variety of options available.

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