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Jeter Systems Corporation was a well-established leader in filing support Systems when they began manufacturing file folders in the early 1980s. Jeter understood the increasingly sophisticated needs of filing users, and invested in custom-made equipment to ensure state-of-the-art file folder manufacturing capabilities. As a result, each month Jeter Systems supplies millions of file folders in a variety of designs to customers. Jeter products are used in world-renowned medical facilities, government offices and a broad range of private enterprises - particularly insurance and banking. There are many reasons why Jeter file folders are the industry's best...

1. Folder Styles For Every Organization.

Every Jeter customer expects the folders that house their valuable records to meet a specific set of needs. Many are looking for heavy-duty folders; often with printed information on the inside and outside. A variety of pockets, dividers, index labels and fastening devices inside the folder may be required. Jeter meets these needs - including color-coding, bar-coding, consecutive numbering and other special requirements.

2. Superior Folder Printing.

The superior printing that sets Jeter file folders apart demonstrates Jeter's commitment to exceptionally high standards for graphic quality. Logos and business forms printed on the front and/or inside of our file folders are clear and crisp. Our presses allow us to print up to three colors as we make your file folders (two colors on one side and one color on the other.)

3. Unique Label Alignment Marks.

Jeter pays particular attention to the label alignment marks that are an inherent part of our color-coding systems. So, order after order, you can rely on Jeter alignments to be printed correctly. Many competitors fail to understand the importance of correct alignment, and offer carelessly positioned alignment marks that lead to problems for you. All Jeter stock folders have alignment marks printed in light gray so they do not show through the color-coding labels.

4. Superior Quality Paper Provides Durable Folders.

As you examine a Jeter file folder, you can see and feel a difference in paper quality which translates into long-lasting durability. The paper is crisp. The color is consistent. By starting with the finest quality papers available - rather than the everyday stock used by most competitors - Jeter produces file folders that look better and last longer.

5. The Right Paper Stock For Your Application.

Jeter makes file folders in a variety of weights. Our standards are manila paper stock on 150 pound, 11-point and 185 pound, 14 point. Special folder papers are also available, and your Jeter representative is available to perform a survey to determine the folder best suited for your filing applications.

6. Reusable File Folder Archival Cartons.

Jeter's unique end tab file folder archival cartons are included with all file folders from Jeter These cartons are the industry's best. They ensure our file folders arrive at your location undamaged, and give you the added bonus of cartons that also serve as convenient storage boxes for your inactive records.

7. Custom-Made File Folders To Meet Your Needs.

While this catalog shows a comprehensive range of file folder designs, Jeter can modify any of our file folders by adding fasteners, pockets and/or dividers. Jeter even designs totally custom-made file folders to meet the special needs of our customers.

8. Personalized Service.

A Jeter representative can assist, plan and provide folder samples to help you select the most efficient file folder for your application.

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