EZ Roller High Density Mobile System

No other system offers you greater space savings than an EZ Roller High Density Mobile System. Today’s office and facility floor space is becoming more and more expensive. In every business center, space costs more to own or lease than it did just a few years ago and there is no reason to expect this trend to change. That is why thousands of businesses are making the move to Jeter mobile high-density storage systems, which can double the capacity of your present storage space and eliminate wasteful aisle space.

For more than 30 years, Jeter has been the industry leader in office filing and storage concepts. Our involvement in mobile systems began with the introduction of the EZ Roller Systems. We design and build our systems to the highest quality standards for safe, smooth reliable performance. All without the extra complications of electrical systems and the expensive service they require.

Our heavy-duty EZ 5, EZ 6, EZ 7 & our electronic system, EZ 8; feature a reliable, long-life mechanically aided drive system. From the handle, a consistent-tension chain runs to the drive shaft, then directly to the carriage drive wheels. The result is smooth, consistent operation, time after time. The parallelism of the wheel saddles and squareness of the system allow it to move up to 1,100 pounds per carriage foot effortlessly.

Because our systems are designed with only high quality components, Jeter customers receive a product free of service calls and hassles. Every mobile system we make is backed by our nationally recognized name and our two-year parts and service warranty.

Jeter EZ Roller systems can accommodate virtually any type of shelf equipment or application ­ in a range of optimal widths and lengths. We serve thousands of medical facilities, law firms, CPAs, financial institutions and government offices every day.

You can gain substantial usable floor space, compared to stationary-aisle systems. It is space you can put to other productive uses, or space in which you can nearly double your present file and storage capacity. For all the information you need - including computerized drawings of system configurations - just ask your Jeter Systems representative.

For color options on mobile system end panels, please refer to www.uniboard.com

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