Jeter Stax™, SuperStax™ and Slant™ Filing Cabinets

In 1973, Jeter Systems Corporation designed its line of shelf filing cabinets to be the best available anywhere. Today they are even better, due to our continual improvements and additions to the line.

At Jeter, they build a complete selection of filing cabinets: letter, legal, x-ray, mini and ring binder sizes. Jeter also offers special cabinets for mammograms and auto titles as well as convenient rollout work shelves, with the strength to handle heavy use and load demands. To maximize the file capacity of wall space, letter size Jeter shelf units are available in 2', 3', 3˝' and 4' widths. And, they are fast and easy to setup. We stock two standard color choices of beige and light gray to blend with your office decor. With Jeter file cabinets, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

The Jeter line features our Slant filing cabinets, which were pioneered and patented for use with-color-coded folders. Its slanted shape causes each folder end-tab to be visible at a glance to promote faster, more accurate filing.

Jeter also makes Stax and SuperStax cabinets, which are conventional and rectangular in shape. Both Stax and Slant cabinets are stackable to provide for a variety of cabinet heights, as well as ease in adding more tiers later. Because the stackable tier is its own structure, we waste no space for uprights or thick shelves. This allows more file folders in the same space. The steel backs and sides of all our shelf units are also enclosed to protect your important records.

Jeter shelf cabinets provide the proper number of file dividers to keep records upright and in fast finding order Our dividers are welded to the units so they are always in place, and their weight-bearing design prevents each shelf tier from sagging.

The cabinets are also designed with the correct amount of vertical space between shelf rows. Many others are not, which can cause difficulty and folder damage during filing operations. In addition, the low overall height of our cabinets makes the top row more accessible.

When moving Jeter filing cabinets, records can be secured in their tiers to save the time and cost of unloading and reloading. The extra-strong construction of our cabinets withstands the rigors of moving, whether in relocation or in use on mobile systems.

Jeter Stax File Cabinets
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