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Independent Reseller Program

Forms Management Group is a premier distributor of folders and filing equipment in the United States, proudly featuring products from Jeter Systems Corporation.

Since 1971, Jeter Systems has built a reputation based on quality and service, which combined with their knowledge of the increasingly sophisticated needs of filing users, has made Jeter Systems a well-established leader in the industry.

As a result, each month Jeter Systems supplies millions of file folders, color-coding labels and related equipment to medical facilities, government offices and a broad range of private enterprises - particularly insurance and banking.

Forms Management Group is always looking for bright and motivated independent sales representatives to join our team. If you are interested in a highly profitable (70% commissions paid on net profit) with unlimited earning potential, please contact us today.


Chicago Office: (630) 961-2186 | Main Office: (800) 922-8311
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